Sunday, April 13, 2008

Red Centre Way among top Australia attractions

The Red Centre Way is a road network linking Alice Springs, through the West MacDonnell Ranges, to Uluru in Central Australia. [AAP]Also Of Interest:
The "Red Centre Way" in central Australia has been identified as one of the nation's top tourist attractions.

Tourism and industry representatives are meeting in the central Australian town of Alice Springs to identify 15 of Australia's best experiences.

Parks Australia says infrastructure improvements around the Red Centre Way has helped it find a place in the top places to visit, which also includes Kakadu National Park.
Parks Australia project officer Bruce Leaver praised investment in the Red Centre Way from Australia's Northern Territory.

"The investment that the government's been putting into upgrading and presenting and marketing the Red Centre Way goes a long way to presenting this show piece to the world," he said.

"It's up there with Arizona, the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, and the north African mountains, so it's one of the world's top desert mountain systems - and as a tourist attraction that's extremely valuable."
The top 15 attractions will form the basis of an international marketing campaign aimed at attracting more tourists to Australia.

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