Monday, December 8, 2008

Barrington Tops National Park

Barrington Tops National Park

This rugged park is full of contrasts. Carved out of an ancient volcano, it rises from near sea level to over 1500m. In the lower valleys, you'll find World Heritage-listed subtropical rainforests. Up on the plateau, there is subalpine woodland which regularly sees snow in winter.

Most of the area is declared wilderness, and it's a well-known destination for bushwalkers. But the park is accessible even to those with limited mobility. Its excellent track network extends from short, easy walks to steep overnight treks.

The park's varied environments are home to a wide range of plants and animals, and it protects more than 50 rare or threatened species. In this area, many northern and southern plants meet the limit of their range.


chi said...

Looks like an amazing Spot, I've never heard of Barrington Tops National Park Before. Might have to check it out sometime, Great informative Post. Cheers Chuckie

aradhana nigam said...

Wow! good looking park.
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